“Everything I learned in my life, I learned because I decided to try something new”

― David Lynch

        My name is Brett Gaylor. I am a filmmaker, a producer of interactive documentaries, a writer, and an imposter.

Everything I’ve ever made took a lot of faking to get done. It would be easier if I did the same thing more than once.

Instead, I’ve been making cross platform/new media/immersive/interactive works for the Internet, TV and digital devices while they’ve been in the process of being invented over the last two decades. It requires a lot of improvisation; figuring out the rules and making up new ones.

Things I’ve made have appeared at festivals around the world, broadcast in dozens of countries and streamed in all the platforms that stream.

I’ve been honored to receive the International Documentary Association Award for best series, The Prix Gemeaux for Best Interactive Series, three Webby Awards and a Peabody Award.
Sometimes I help other people figure things out, too. I collaborate with AtlasV, The National Film Board of Canada, Mozilla, EyeSteelFilm, Upian, Felix & Paul, Harmony Labs and Consumer Reports.

I’m an Imposter, making media.
We all are. Get in touch.